Fitness At Instrata

January 4th - 2016

Fitness At Instrata

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After the confetti settles and the hangovers subside, New Years Day is always a great time to assess your fitness routine, and adjust your goals for the coming year. Instrata living makes staying fit easy, and our fitness centers are energizing spaces that inspire you to squeeze a few extra minutes into your workout.

Work your core and more: one of the perks of a walkable city lifestyle at Instrata is plenty of cardio already integrated into your daily routine. Walking everywhere helps keep your heart healthy, but you need more exercise than just walking. Our fitness centers will help you develop your core as well, for more full body and upper body strength when you need it. Take advantage of Instrata living for a longer life!

Need ideas on where to eat healthier this year? Use our Instrata Concierge service to discover new recommendations on healthy dining and shopping options right near your building. It's impossible to keep track of all the restaurants that come and go every year, so let our Instrata Concierge keep track of them for you, so you spend less time searching and more time eating healthy!

Realistic Resolutions: don't fall into the trap of setting unrealistic goals this year. We've built our spaces to be convenient, smart and elegant, and your resolutions should be the same: realistic, sustainable goals you can achieve with style.