Instrata Resident Spotlight: Allegra Cohen

February 10th - 2016

Instrata Resident Spotlight: Allegra Cohen

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When we envisioned Instrata living, we pictured luxury spaces that would cater to the needs of busy, vibrant individuals who take advantage of everything the city has to offer. Nobody fits that description better than Allegra Cohen, an actress and producer who lives in Instrata Nomad.

INY: What brought you to NYC?
AC: I came over to the city to pursue my dreams and now I work as an actor in TV, film, voice overs and commercials.

INY: So you dreams were to be a movie actor or...?
AC: My ultimate dream was to be on a soap opera for the rest of my life but then they took soap operas off of television! I got into film producing after sitting in on a voice over, and I've had the best year of my career last year!

INY: Wow, congrats! Was it because of Instrata? :)
AC: Haha I owe it all to Instrata. But I've had my first feature in Sundance with James Franco and I've produced my next feature with Adrien Brody.

INY: Have you been to any of the Instrata signature events?
AC: I have... we had a really special bourbon tasting, and a dinner with some of the residents. And it was so special because we really had this community feeling and really all got to know each other. It was just... really cool.

AC: I'll never forget when I first moved into the building and I stepped onto the roof and I went around to see the view on every side and I just... knew that this was the BEST VIEW of Manhattan on the top of the Instrata Nomad.

INY: So I'm guessing you like living in Instrata Nomad?
AC: I mean, I tell everybody that as soon as I moved in here my entire life changed... for the better. 

INY: Do you take advantage of the amenities and concierge service?
AC: I already love Zach! He's brought such a unique spin to the concierge team and service provided here. The events, and the whole thinking outside of the box. Just how to create more of a community amongst the residents Just the openness and the dialog here. If I have a suggestion, they're all open to listening. I'm excited to go to more fun events this year.

INY: How important do you think it is for a building to be branded in a large city?
AC: I think its essential to have a building that has a brand!! It's the name, the identification of this name, Instrata Nomad... It means something, and now what it's come to mean for me is... This VIP, high-standard care & service. Respect and appreciation for the way it all looks and feels, and makes you feel. You know that's what you're going to get when you go to an Instrata property!