Luxury Apartment Design Tips

January 26th - 2016

Luxury Apartment Design Tips

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Even though Instrata living embodies a best-in-class luxury lifestyle, there are always personal design touches that make your luxury rental your own. Whether you're going for urban shabby or uptown chic, the winter is a great time to focus on your space and think about how to make it feel more like you. Here are a few interior design tips to point you in the right direction: 

A Little Lighting Goes a Long Way
Few changes to your space have as much immediate impact on your mood as a change in lighting. Whether you're going for high drama, soothing serenity, or classic chic, a well-placed lamp or lighting feature makes any luxury apartment feel more designed.

Think Modular
No matter how set you are in your ways, there's always room to re-think your rooms. When shopping for furniture, try to look into the future and imagine more than one use for any piece you're buying. Form doesn't always have to follow function, so be open minded about how to re-use your pieces for a dramatic effect.

Less is More
Don't think you need to fill ever wall or cover ever surface. Sometimes one stunning signature piece can work as a focal point and carry the whole room. Complement your luxury views and premium finishes wherever you can, and don't be afraid to embrace white space!

Need more design inspiration? Why not visit a decor store in your neighborhood and see what works in your luxury rental?

ABC Home 888 Broadway
Restoration Hardware 935 Broadway
Arhaus 410 W 13th St
CB2 451 Broadway
Lazzoni 154 W 18th St