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Instrata Lifestyle Residence Renters Gain Ultimate Travel Perk

Multi-Housing News, December 2014

By Jeffrey Steele, Contributing Writer

New York—Home may be where the heart is. But residents at Instrata Lifestyle Residences in New York City and greater Washington, D.C., benefit to their hearts’ content by getting away and enjoying the ultimate travel perk.

They receive complimentary ClubCorp benefits, letting them savor special offers and preferred rates at more than 400 private golf and country clubs worldwide, and more than 700 hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. The benefits are the result of an exclusive relationship forged between ClubCorp and Instrata.

“When the Instrata brand was conceptualized, we set out to provide a unique and unparalleled set of amenities and services to our residents to accommodate and enhance their living experience,” Perry Chudnoff, asset manager at Dallas-based Invesco Real Estate, Instrata’s sponsor, tells MHN. “The strategic ClubCorp partnership truly offers a proprietary and unrivaled set of benefits that no other luxury rental brand can provide.”

Adds Rob Neiffer, Invesco Real Estate director: “Invesco Real Estate and ClubCorp are both based in Dallas. We know each other. Over time, both entities realized that forming a partnership was a natural fit. So it was first implemented in Instrata’s New York properties and then extended to Pentagon City.”

The benefits provided by the ClubCorp partnership can be appreciated and used by a broad array of renters, Chudnoff says. That population ranges from young professionals and singles to families and empty nesters, regardless of whether they travel for business or pleasure once a week or once a year.

“Our properties in New York and D.C. have a high concentration of business travelers and a number of golf aficionados, so the benefits have been very well received, especially by these groups,” Chudnoff says. “Furthermore, aside from providing otherwise premier access to a host of private country clubs, business clubs and social venues, the ClubCorp personal concierge can seamlessly handle all arrangements, including dining reservations, hotel accommodations and access to concerts and sporting events, while offering special rates and upgrades to residents.”

There will be a determined effort to continue expanding the range of amenities, services and benefits—including health and wellness opportunities—to Instrata residents, Neiffer says. That endeavor is in keeping with the full name of the brand, Instrata Lifestyle Residences.

“To this end, the ClubCorp relationship provides residents with access to a varied list of spas, world class golf courses and ski mountain lodges like Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley Ski Resort or The Lodge at Vail in Colorado,” he says. “We always inform prospective residents of the ClubCorp benefit, and it’s playing an increasingly significant role in defining the experience of living in an Instrata property.”