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The City'S Most Spectacular Terraces

AM New York, October 2013

By Heather Senison

New York City is famous for its summer nights, but as the warm weather begins to fade, the city’s remarkable fall foliage and shiny, tall buildings attract visitors and delight locals.

Outdoor space is limited here, so the luckiest residents are those who have terraces to view New York City’s wonders from above.

According to experts, a terrace is at least 100 square feet and should have nothing hanging over it — such as a balcony from the apartment above you.

After some research, here are the buildings we think have the best terraces to let residents truly enjoy being outdoors in the city:

Strata at Mercedes House

Square footage: 129-684 square feet

Views: Unobstructed Hudson River views

Sample rental price: $10,300

Strata at Mercedes House, which occupies the top 11 floors at 550 W. 54th St., has 32 step-back terraces. The building was constructed so that each floor is set back from the one below it, and all the terraces have completely open spaces above them.

“It’s quite unusual architecture,” said Nancy Packes, president of Nancy Packes Signature Marketing Services, which is the exclusive on-site agent at Strata.

“Each of these homes qualifies to be a penthouse because of the size of the terrace,” she said, noting that the terraces are all at least 15 by 20 feet.

Almost all of the outdoor spaces have views of the river, Packes said, so being on a Strata terrace is “like sitting on the deck of a yacht.”

While the terraces come without any special amenities on them, “one gentleman has built a whole outdoor living room with planters and couches and chairs and a barbecue.”